Clinical expertise,
compassionate care

Monash IVF

Dr. Ong recognises that the highest pregnancy rate can only be achieved by a combination of excellent clinical management and an excellent laboratory.

Monash IVF works with some of the most highly skilled and experienced Fertility Doctors in Australia including Dr. Ong.

Since the 1970s, Monash IVF has been a driving force in the development of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in both Australia and overseas.

With over 40 years experience, over 25,000 babies and pregnancy rates among the best in the world, you know you are giving yourself the very best chance of realising your dream.

ART procedures have progressed rapidly since their development and so have the associated success rates.

Advancements in technology which allow us to routinely grow embryos to blastocysts and use vitrification to snap freeze embryos has resulted in Monash IVF recording among the highest pregnancy rates in the world.

It’s really important however, not to be misled by generalized success rates! Every patient and situation is different and we are here to help you cross the hurdles specific to your individual journey.

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